3 for 25.00 Twisted Special
3 for 25.00 Twisted Special
3 for 25.00 Twisted Special
A Different Twist Candles

3 for 25.00 Twisted Special

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Rum Runner Coconut-The dream sensation of Jamaican spirits

Strawberry Daiquiri- Strawberry with a twist of a little fun

Banana Parfait- Grandma’s banana pudding served in a different way

Spearmint Tea-Mediterranean mint and organic tea

Irish Cinnamon Roll- Ireland cream icing and cinnamon dough

Lemon Meringue Pie- Zesty lemon and citrus flavored pie

Vanilla Ice Cream- Creamy vanilla and sprinkles

Chicken & Waffles- Its morning time the sweet smell of breakfast

Black Magic- The mysterious flavor of magic spell

Strawberry Cheesecake- Welcome to the cheesecake factory

Orange Push Pop- Ice cream and sweet memory orange

Honey Butter- The sweet mixture of nectar and smooth butter